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 Due to the highly individual nature of college essay writing, workshop spaces are limited as follows:

  ● Workshops co-taught with both Mrs. Rapant and Mrs. Ewing are limited to 6-8 participants

Workshop Dates:

College Essay Bootcamp

This 2 hour workshop will assist you in beginning the Common App admissions essay. You will receive helpful tools, review example essays, brainstorm topics, and outline your essay. End the workshop ready to draft!


SouthGlenn Library

May 29 5-7 pm or May 31 3-5 pm


Smoky Hill Library

5-7 pm June 17 


Full Day Workshop

In this full day workshop you will complete your Common App college essay all while receiving individualized feedback. You will end the day with a polished and ready to submit college essay! Additionally, you will receive tools to assist you in asking for and receiving the best letters of recommendation possible.  If time, we will review the ‘How To’s’ of asking for a letter of recommendation; including how to write an email asking for a letter and how to manage the process. 


We will have a break for lunch.  You may bring a lunch, but there are also places to eat around the library. 


SouthGlenn Library

June 21 9:15 am-3pm


Smoky Hill Library

July 9 9:15 am-3pm


Revision Workshop


Bring your completed draft to this 2 hour workshop where you will receive feedback and revise your college essay. 


SouthGlenn Library

July 29 5-7 pm


Smoky Hill Library

July 30 5-7 pm


Prior to your session:

If you have not created a Common App account yet, it is a good idea to create your account and become familiarized with the platform.


What to Bring:

Your laptop (and a power cord), snacks,  and a water bottle.