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 Due to the highly individual nature of college essay writing, workshop spaces are limited as follows:

  ● Workshops co-taught with both Mrs. Rapant and Mrs. Ewing are limited to 6-8 participants

Workshop Dates:


Saturday, October 8th:  9:00-3:00/ Southglenn Library Meeting Room B, 6972 S. Vine St., Centennial CO 

Remote option for students is available on this date.  You must check that you wish to be remote upon signing up, and we will send you an invite with a Google Meet option attached. 


College Essay Revision Workshop:  This session is designed for those who already have a college essay and need help revising it for submission. 

Saturday, November 12:  9:00-12 p.m/ Location TBD 


Workshop Agenda:


  • We will discuss what the college essay is, what it needs to accomplish, how to connect to your future college and career,  and how to brainstorm topics/ ideas.  Then, you will complete an outline for your college essay and write a rough draft. Finally, we will review how to create and access your Common App account.  

       ● We will also revise the rough draft of your college essay until it shines. 


If time, we will review the ‘How To’s’ of asking for a letter of recommendation; including how to write an email asking for a letter and how to manage the process.


Prior to your session:

If you have not created a Common App account yet, it is a good idea to create your account and become familiarized with the platform.


What to Bring:

Your laptop (and a power cord), snacks,  and a water bottle.


We will have a break for lunch.  You may bring a lunch, but there are also places to eat around the library.